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We pride ourselves in sourcing Wagyu directly from Japan.


Our signature rice bowl is served with A4 Wagyu, seared to medium perfection topped with an onsen egg.


This is why many have raved about its immense flavour at a surprisingly affordable price.

Sizzle Your Own

A4 Japanese Wagyu

A4 Japanese Wagyu Striploin slice at $45.00

Each slice is approximately 200g

You can now be that professional chef dishing up delicious Wagyu steaks in the comfort of your home.

For corporate wholesale prices, please inquire here

Ice Cream of the Ocean

Bafun Narabi Uni

Have the luxury of indulging in this Oceanic Delicacy straight from your kitchen.

$160 per tray of 250g air flown from Japan weekly
ONLY $145 per tray with any purchase of Wagyu

Parties & events
Sushi making courses
Purple rice maki
Our Purple Rice

Besides possessing the exact benefits of brown rice, purple rice contains a large amount of anthocyanin antioxidants (typically found in blue berries and blackberries).

These antioxidants assist the human body in combating heart disease, cancer, and other diseases.


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